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Hair bonnet

“The idea of the hair bonnet came to me as I was confronted with the psychological and physical suffering of several friends and acquaintances undergoing chemotherapy. This innovative hair/hat combination allows women who suffer from hair loss to hide that fact while at the same time have fun creating a fashionable and esthetic look.


It then became evident to us that we wanted to create a quality product that would meet the criteria of image and morale for women of all ages”


Agnes Bragiola, Product Designer


"Confident in a second skin"



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A large choice of fabrics to meet all your requirements

100% Natural hair is used

for maximum comfort

A complete range of colors and patterns for a personalized hair bonnet

Tested and approved by Women suffering from hair loss after undergoing chemotherapy

The SIF & LOKI hair bonnet combines the esthetic and natural advantages of the wig  with the comfort of a turban or scarf.

When a Fashion product is also a Medical Solution.

Created in France with quality materials.

The SIF & LOKI hair bonnet is adapted for all occasions.

Entirely made in France.

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