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Thanks to SIF & LOKI

Confidence is restored in appearance,  which is a big plus on the road to recovery.

Women who wear SIF & LOKI headwear adopt a positive look - no stigmatism - far from the idea

of illness.

Our Products’ strengths








We chose quality materials. All our models are made with an extremely soft lining so that comfort is maintained for scalps made fragile by medical procedures.








All the seams have been carefully designed to avoid any sensation of discomfort.

Protection and respect for fragile skin

Aims for total comfort







A hair bonnet to suit every life situation for every woman.

Boosts self confidence








Each woman can chose between the various styles, fabrics and hair colors so that she can have the best hair bonnet or bonnets to suit her needs.

Feminine again








Thanks to its comfort and lightweight feeling, women feel liberated and at ease in every situation. A natural look has been regained.

A new and natural look








There’s a choice of hair bonnets for every season-summer, winter, year round models.

Looking lovely every day


Natural and affordable

Comfortable and protective

Fashion and quality

With you every day

Washing and drying the hair bonnet

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