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The Legend…

Once upon a time in the kingdom of the Norse gods, there was a beautiful woman called SIF. She was the wife of THOR and was famous for her beautiful hair.


One night LOKI stole into her bedroom and cut off her lovely golden locks.


THOR was furious and demanded that LOKI make amends for his crime.


So he sought help from gnome magicians to weave a new head of hair with threads of gold that could grow as real hair.


And so forevermore SIF is the goddess with golden hair.

“A solution that is adapted and comfortable so that you can better live with your illness each day”


Association of natural hair attached to stylish headwear using specific techniques.

The seams no longer cause irritation.

Comfort is total thanks to the quality and softness of the fabrics.

The hair bonnet is safely held in place, no risk of slipping.

The hair bonnet does not contain any metallic components, which means it can be worn during x-ray exams.

Wearing glasses is no problem.

“Find your style again and re-affirm your feminity”.

Adapted for all occasions

Adapted for all ages.

A Fashion Product

Just one piece, just one gesture.

Easy to use.



The hair bonnet is very discreet, it comes with its own personal storage bag, making it easy to change over during the day.

Reproduction interdite. Création : Shane Graphique