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“My desire with this project is to help all those who suffer from hair loss due to illness. To help women stay pretty and elegant represents a first victory with regards to an illness. By designing new collections each season, I hope to bring a touch of comfort.


My philosophy is: Fashion serving health and well-being.”

Elisabeth PIGNOL

+33 (0)1 75 32 38 98



“I’ve always had a lot of empathy, so as I engaged in this project, I really felt that I could help others by proposing a solution to the big issue of hair loss.


My philosophy is: Feel better in your mind in order to feel better in your body.


+33 (0)1 75 32 38 98



 “Each year, women both young and less young are faced with cancer. The combat against this illness needs to be fought on many sides.

I want to commit to helping women to retain their feminity and their self-confidence, which can often be damaged during the difficult months or even years of their illness.

For them and for all of us.”

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